2019 U.S. Championships

Nakamura and Yu take the lead

The round before the rest day is almost always the most contested. The players want to enter the second half of the event with a bang, and it is psychologically much easier to digest and rest knowing that you won. Having to deal with a loss without getting back into the game to revenge that outcome the next day is a painful and frustrating experience.

Sevian joins the leaders, Abrahamyan wins third straight in Round 5

The fifth round of the U.S. Championships was a tamer affair in terms of decisive results, in both the open and the women’s section. With that being said, there were still plenty of intriguing stories written throughout the day. The games are heating up, and with every passing round, mistakes become costlier.

Wild day 4 shakes up the leaderboard

Another round that kept us on the edge of our seats. The players have definitely came here to play, and once again the spectacle on the chess board was one not to be missed.

Explosive day 3 brings changes at the top of the leaderboard

 The U.S. Championship and U.S. Women’s Championship is where players come to play, and they are showcasing that ultra-competitive spirit each and every day. With the amount of attention one is exposed to during these events, it is normal that the players will do everything in their powers to play the best chess they are capable of. 

The leaders emerge

The second round of the U.S. & U.S. Women’s Chess Championship was another intriguing story. The games had everything; blunders, turnovers, as well as an unfortunate premature resignation. The open section saw some balanced games, as well as a couple of important victories by So and Sevian. In the ladies section, the situation was no longer as imbalanced as in the first round, with only two games finishing with decisive results. Let’s take a closer look at the action games in round 2!

Brutal start at the 2019 US Chess Championships

While the open section saw some tense battles without producing many decisive results, the women’s championship was a full-fledged bloodbath that ended with a full board of decisive results!