Round 5 Recap - U.S. Junior, Girls' Junior & Senior Championship

All three sections had their share of interesting games, though the Juniors were definitely the most bloodthirsty

Round 4 Recap - U.S. Junior, Girls' Junior & Senior Championship

Today’s round had a lot of action in all sections. Nicolas Checa took the lead with a fine victory over Andrew Tang. Both Rochelle Wu and Carissa Yip won topsy-turvy games, and seem to be running away in the Girls’ tournament with 4/4 and 3.5/4 respectively.

Round 3 Recap - U.S. Junior, Girls' Junior & Senior Championship

Round three saw a couple of the leaders get knocked off as well as numerous entertaining battles. Noteworthy results included leaders GMs Larry Christiansen and Awonder Liang getting knocked off by GM Alex Yermolinsky and IM Joshua Sheng respectively

Round 2 Recap - U.S. Junior, Girls' Junior & Senior Championship

While round one had a lot of blunders and quick victories, the players seemed to settle down for round two.There were several long, tough battles, and the players in all sections showed they were willing to fight it out to the very end.

Round 1 Recap - U.S. Junior, Girls' Junior & Senior Championship

Today the U.S. Junior, U.S. Junior Girls, and U.S. Senior Championships kicked off at the Saint Louis Chess Club. This is the first year all three events are taking place at the same time in the same location. The first round didn’t disappoint, as there were many exciting battles in all three sections.

Nakamura clinches his 5th US Championship Title!

While the Women’s section was decided in round 10, the U.S. Chess Championship was open to a wide array of outcomes going into the final day. All the ingredients for one of the most exciting rounds of the year were there: three of the top five were tied at the top of the standings, one of them was looking like a clear favorite to win it, and this was the championship round – anything could happen!

Yu wins title with round to spare, Caruana catches the leaders!

The penultimate round of the 2019 U.S. Championships couldn’t have been more exciting, as the players came in ready to work extra hard for their respective goals.

The leaders maintain the pace

The U.S. Championships are quickly approaching their respective conclusions, and the battle for the title couldn’t get more exciting. The favorites are maintaining a blistering pace in both sections, and the final two days are simply going to be some of the most exciting ones in recent history. 

Dominguez catches Nakamura at the top, Yu continues to fly

In yet another unpredictable day at the U.S. Championships, we saw an eclectic mix of games and outcomes. In the open section, the event’s newcomer Leinier Dominguez played a technical masterpiece and won his game against Sam Sevian. All the other games were drawn, which means that he is now in joint lead with Nakamura while a pack of chasers are following closely.

Caruana wins again, Yu continues her run

Huge day at the U.S. Championships as the open section simply caught fire, and the ladies once again provided the usual dose of sharp and tactical entertainment. Nakamura continues his great tournament by scoring another key victory against the off-form Akobian. Caruana, Dominguez, and Sevian maintain the pace with the leader, while So’s aggressive Grunfeld failed to produce more than just a draw against Xiong.


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